Announcement. Qaasim Chacha Jalalpuria

To Allah we belong and to Allah we will return

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved Qaasim Chacha.

Qaasim Chacha sadly passed away on 10th April 2024 at Esha at him home after a period of illness.

Qaasim Chacha was a great servant and Khadim of the Masjid. He dedicated much of his life serving the Masjid.

He was very much loved in the community and the community will miss him dearly.

May Allah fill his grave with noor, make the duration of the time in the grave comfortable for him and grant him the highest ranks in Jannah.
May Allah grant his family patience.

Funeral Details

Salaatul Janazah will be held at Masjid Quba
after Jumua’ah Jama’ah (13:30) Friday 12 April 2024.
Burial will take place at
Woodgrange Park Cemetery, 540 Romford Rd, London E7 8AF

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