Significant disruption to Masjid Services

Please be advised that due to refurbishment works taking place in the main hall and back hall, there will be significant disruption to the services at the Masjid

  • The Main hall and Back hall are closed. Prayers will take place on the upper floors
  • Basement Entrances will be closed. Entrance to the Masjid is from the Middle gate and stairs leading to upper floors
  • Ablution facilities are on the 1st and 2nd floor. Taps and washrooms are very limited. Please come to the Masjid with Ablution. The wash facilities are only for emergency use.
  • Due to space restrictions,  Jumuah will be held as 2 Jama’ah. 1st Jama’ah will be at 13:30 and 2nd at 14:15. Please leave promptly after Salaah to allow for a smooth transition between Salaah.
  • Asr Jama’ah has been moved to 20:00 due to Madrasah. The Masjid will open for Asr salaah at 19:45

Please be patient during the works and the disruption caused by it.

Jazakhallah Khair

Khuddaam, Masjid Quba.

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